Monday, June 15, 2015

Precautions to take in Monsoon for Uninterrupted Net connection

Its monsoon and as always, our ISPs (5network and SSV) suck, due to poor infrastructure investments.

Our sockets and routers are susceptible to lightnings and heavy rain and 4 out of 10 times, your net connection is going to be affected.

Below are some precautions which we can take to reduce the probability of being affected, so we can have uninterrupted net during rainy days to download and enjoy movies with Pakodas.

1. If your net wire was cut before and then joined by your ISP guys, there are high chances you will face net issues at the time of heavy rain. See where it is cut and tie a polythene bag properly on the cut. After that, again cover it with a bubble wrap, which will prevent it from lightning troubles.

2. If your switch box is in open, cover the box with polythene and bubble wrap. Our ISPs are lazy and won't do that.

3. Most of the time, a single switch box is congested with hundreds of wires and routers to save money. So, even a mild movement can loosen up the wires and your net may go off. This vibrations are caused by heavy rain. If possible, make an upside down V shape shed over the switch box.

4. Ask your ISP to fit the switch box in the lobby of your terrace. Thats the best way to keep away from Vibrations without spending.

5. Keep your Wi-Fi router away from Window. A small lightning can break the Hz and will stop the working of X amount of hours.

6. Call your ISP immediately if you feel loss in bandwidth. Also, call only if you have good amount of patience. The ISP call centre guys are the busiest people on earth during monsoon because of 17 calls per minute that they get due to shitty infra.

That is it for now. Will add more as and when something comes to mind. Happy Monsoon, Happy downloads!

PS: Other authors can add their insights to the list as well after 6th point.


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  2. Please wait 3922090 seconds before reconnecting..

    getting this message when i try to connect to the hub.. why ?

  3. [21:47:05] *** Connecting to
    [21:47:06] *** Connected
    [21:47:10] *** Stored password sent...
    [21:47:12] This hub is running PtokaX DC Hub (UpTime: 24 days, 23 hours, 47 minutes / Users: 209)
    [21:47:12] Please wait 4128442 seconds before reconnecting.
    [21:47:12] *** Connection closed

    What is this...
    Remove this script from the hub.

  4. [02:55:39] *** Connecting to
    [02:55:40] *** Connected
    [02:55:41] *** Stored password sent...
    [02:55:42] Incorrect password!
    [02:55:42] *** Connection closed

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  7. I am not able to connect to 5net after installing Windows 10. Please help me through teamviewer.

  8. sumi 678 i have beeen using peopye hub for last 5 yeras now this is the new error i m facing

    sumi678 your IP Address: [ ] is not allowed in this hub

    please help

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    [20:03:18] *** Connecting to
    [20:03:18] *** Connected
    [20:03:20] *** Stored password sent...
    [20:03:21] This hub is running PtokaX DC Hub (UpTime: 9 days, 5 hours, 59 minutes / Users: 158)
    [20:03:22] Please wait 4277586 seconds before reconnecting.
    [20:03:22] *** Connection closed

    pls help me

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  11. Inspite being on SSV ION i am not able to connect on your hub!!

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