P O P 3 Y E - H U B

Please Read below Carefully!

Note: There is no restriction on share-size for enabling search or filelist !! (minimum 10gb is needed to enter hub)

Before asking for HELP!

Check List before asking Team viewer Help for SEARCH Problem:

1. You have checked Antivirus Firewall.
You have checked Windows Firewall.
3. You have made exception in both firewalls. (if kept ON)
4. You have followed DC settings as shown in blog tutorials.
5. You are not using Strong DC Software.
You have port forwarded my WiFi-Router as shown on in tutorials.

Answer this  Question : Have you matched your DC settings with Snapshots shown on blog YES or NO ?

   If you are facing any Search / Download / Speed Problems, Please visit  our Tutorial Section and follow the Snapshots to your fix  problems.

   If you are getting any ERRORS while chatting, Downloading or Searching Visit: Frequently Asked Questions to get help solving your errors.

   ---> We recommend you to First try solving ur problems yourself and then ask for Team viewer help.

----> Please leave your TeamViewer ID and Password to an Admin PM (Private Message) in HUB, If you want Admins to control your PC and fix it.

---> Register yourself with 100gb share and then ask for TAGS. 
Use command in MainChat: !regme<space><Password>

For example: !regme 123456
Tag Requests Accepted, mention your Share Size in Admin's PM.

==================================================================================[SHARE SIZE]   [TAG]      [RIGHTS]
     10 GB          UnReg          Min sHaRe 2 eNTeR HuB & access to ShoutBox for UnReg    

     50  GB         Reg               Enables access to Upgrade Tag & ShoutBox
    100  GB       Reg+             Enables access to Mainchat & Search
    150 GB        Star               (Same as Reg+ User) + Release/Request bot
    300 GB        WOW           (Same as Star User) + Passive OR Direct Search opTioN
    512 GB        VIP               (Same as WoW User) + UnGaG Users
    1 TB            VVIP             (Same as VIP User) + GaG/UnGaG Users
    2 TB            pOwer           (Same as VVIP User) + TaG Assign Rights
    NoTe: 4 TaG ReQuest/P.M to <pOweR> UseRs or Admin or Operator !!!!!!    SHaRe MOre 2 HaVe MoRe :]