Apple iMac Users

DC++ for MAC OS Users

1. Download  Shakespeer Mac OS DC client software from here.

2. Install shakespeer-0.9.11.dmg file from your downloads ignoring the install from unknown sources message. Also drag the file to dock to avoid repeated installations. 

3. Right click on Wifi or Network Icon and select preferences.


4. Find out the IP Address given to you by Wi-fi Router. (for example mine is

5. If your IP address is like 192.168.1.XYZ then your Gateway IP address will be

6. Enter the Gateway OR Router Ip-address in the internet browser to get the Router login page and follow the port forwarding tutorial.

7. Make sure you forward port range 3000-3001 on your router.

8. Then, Go to Shakespeer menu and select "Preferences" and then select "Network" tab.

9. Enter "Port" and 3000 and Tick "Detect Automatically" for IP address.

 10. Close the Preferences menu and close Shakespeer and then restart the Shakespeer to load saved changes.


  1. eiskaltdc++ is much better solution for mac..
    try it

    1. need help bro setting it up.. can't search / download ....

  2. hi ... i need help setting up the eiskaltdc++
    can anyone help??

    i have connected to the hub and tried all port combinations, but file lists/downloads/search are still not working ...
    plz help

    plz email me @


  3. I'm using shakespeer but search/download/file list not working please help

  4. Hi,

    I followed the same steps mentioned by you.
    But, the hub "" keeps asking me the password.

    Please help.

  5. Please Make a tutorial on linux operating system too...please

  6. hi help me

    my isp is dvois ion popeye hub support this isp plz any one rply me

  7. Hi, Can somebody please help me solving this Issue.
    Shakespeer was working well and good for last 6 months but from last few weeks i'm facing port unreachable issue.
    i have configured the same wifi router forwarding Setting as you mentioned..

  8. hi, can someone help me to use dc on mac, i have followed steps mentioned above but it is not working

  9. Getting an error server has unexpectedly died
    You have found a bug

  10. I am have the same issue as @kaustubh_cena
    says "server has unexpectedly dies" " You found a bug"

  11. Hi I have download "ShakesPeer" for MacBook Air but, trying to install getting the error message

    "ShakesPeer" Can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer"

    please provide some Solution to how to use DC ++...