Thursday, July 26, 2012

Running CS:GO Global Offensive

1.> Extract the Zip file to hardisk where at least 4GB space is still der.

2.> Right Click on a File Counter-Strike Global Offensive.exe (with brown Icon), and select "Properties".

3.> Choose the "Compatibilty" Tab >> Tick "Run in compatibilty mode." i chose(windows xp sp3).

4.> Click Apply >> and Save.

Disconnect your PC to internet completely and then... 

5.> Run the Counter-Strike Global Offensive.exe 
6.> Please be patient, Do not touch the mouse or press any key while its loading....
 7.> If you get the Game menu, you are sucessfully running CS:GO !!!!!!

8.> Resolution can be set as you, used to do in CS.
9.> If Still, crashing PM me your Team Viewer ID and pass, I will try my best to run it.

Any one of the Windows XP SP3, Windows 7 sp1, Windows 8 Release Preview are Required.

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